Animal tranquilizer ‘xylazine’ is being laced inside Illicit drugs like coke and molly, FDA warns

The animal sedative xylazine has become an increasingly common cutting agent Nearly half of America’s street drugs are laced with a dangerous animal tranquilizer, a study suggests. More than 40 percent of samples tested in Rhode Island contained xylazine, which health officials say can cause ‘serious and life-threatening side effects’. Sometimes known as ‘tranq’, xylazine … Read more

A fitness trainer shares what she does every morning to prevent neck and shoulder pain

Whether it’s working at a computer desk or scrolling on the phone, we spend a lot of time looking down — usually slouching at the same time. As we slouch, our shoulders round and our head moves forward, leading to a painful condition known as “text neck.” This causes the upper back to become weak … Read more