I’m a hot 75-year-old nan – trolls are saying I’m losing my mind when they see me dance in lingerie, but I don’t care

AGE is just a number – and one woman who certainly lives by this motto is Alvarina Bonaccio.

The 75-year-old, believed to be from the sunny coasts of Portugaldoesn’t care what others say – she’ll put on her sexiest set of lingerie and will swing her curves.

The 75-year-old has become something of an internet sensation


The 75-year-old has become something of an internet sensationCredit: Tiktok/@alvarinabonaccio1
Despite what trolls say, Alvarina keeps on dancing in teeny lingerie sets


Despite what trolls say, Alvarina keeps on dancing in teeny lingerie setsCredit: Tiktok/@alvarinabonaccio1

Alvarina, who is also an avid fan of all things fitnessregularly shares clips of her dancing – and of course, her moves have taken the internet by storm.

Ever since she started uploading clips on TikTokthe nan’s become somewhat of a sensation, amassing close to a whopping 2 million followers.

Her videos, viewed by many, have been liked over 19.3 million times and often see Alvarina sporting a short mini skirt with her cheeks out.

But although thousands have praised the nan for her attitude, some have also insisted she’s simply lost the plot.

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In one such videowhere the 75-year-old was showing her best moves in a teeny bodysuit with a plunging neckline and gold chains, people reckoned Alvarina’s gone crazy.

Amongst the 3.6 million viewers, one mortified TikTon fan exclaimed in horror: ”My Lord, with age people losing their mind.”

”No no no!! Where is your family?” a second wondered.

”My eyes are melting,” another meanie added.

Fortunately for Alvarina, who has not yet addressed any of the nasty remarks, there have also been countless of those supporting her dancing.

Here, they reminded others that life is short and the 75-year-old should do whatever she wanted.

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”Good on you, hunny! Haters, you should be ashamed of yourselves!” one person insisted.

”She’s got more heart and guts than any of you.”

In the meantime, however, Alvarina is not stopping any time soon.

When she’s not enjoying herself to music, the nan, who said she’s a lover of faith, will workout in the gym.

Not only will she do some cardio on the treadmill but you can also catch her lifting weights – Alvarina seems to be a fan of doing chest exercises and working on her legs to keep them toned.

To look after her figure, the 75-year-old will complete her diet with heaps of fresh vegetables and nutritious fruit.

Alvarina’s not the first nan to go viral on social media – recently one woman revealed people are shocked when they learn she’s 90.

Fitness fan Dalyce Barnett Radtke, shared a video of her 90-year-old mum on TikTokquestioning her on her healthy lifestyle.

The 90-year-old revealed that she still works out every day and has a very simple beauty regimen that has left her skin with a youthful glow.

The woman’s skincare routine has left people shocked – it is “nothing other than bar soap and water cleanser and face lotion”.

Firstly, we can’t believe that this woman is 90-years-old.

Dressed in light blue jeans and a red jumper, she looks fabulous, slender, healthy and has perfect posture.

Dalyce asks her mum what her “secret” is and, at first, her mum said that she “doesn’t have a secret” and she thinks she is “really lucky because of her “good genetics”.

But she then admits that her lifestyle is very important, because her own mum died at the age of 82.

She explained that she started going to the gym in her sixties and said: “Something inside me lets me know that I feel better when I move around.

“I didn’t go to the gym for years and years and years.”

She revealed her gym routine which involves “at least an hour and a half, maybe a little bit more” of exercise.

She does a “circuit, then floor exercises on a ball, stretching, a little bit of weights, cardio on the treadmill”.

Not only does her body look in impeccable shape, her face does too.

And there’s no splashing out on expensive anti-aging creams here, as she revealed her beauty routine was “nothing other than bar soap and water cleanser and face lotion”.

The video has clearly impressed numerous people as it has racked up a whopping 2 million times.

TikTok users were left stunned that the woman was in her nineties and many rushed to the comments to express this.

One user said: “Ninety and still rocking some jeans”.

Another added: “Her posture is impeccable”.

A third commented: “It helps that she isn’t dressed like a 90-year-old, no gray hair, makeup, etc!”

Another said: “NO FREAKIN WAY!! She’s seriously 90. my god she is the most beautifully aged women I’ve ever seen. I’m blown away!”

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One person added: “Oh my god, the way she walks is SO unlike any older person I’ve ever encountered. I’m so shocked and impressed!! She’s an inspiration.”

Someone else commented: “She looks and acts way younger” while another thought “She could be 70”.

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